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How long will it take before my site is completed?
Generally, the entire project takes about 2-4 weeks from start of construction to completion.

Do I need to pay all at once?
No, we require a down payment according to your specific contract terms. The login and password to your site Admin is released to you once you are satisfied with the look and feel of your site (within reason of course!), and final payment has been made.

Can I make a lot of money with my site?
Amount of profit obtained from sales is a function of how hard you work at marketing your site and converting sales. You are starting up a new online business. It may be a "business in a box" service, however you ARE taking on a new business, and with that, comes hard work. Marketing the site and obtaining market share is everything, just like any other business, online or off.

What if I have questions about my site? Where do I go?
Your site will operate off the Zen-cart shopping platform. Http:// The support for the software is well documented in many areas online. If you have a question about Zen cart, you can type it into Google and find your answer. This is why offer the Zen cart platform. We see it as the simplest to use, E-commerce shopping cart system available today. We recommend picking up their easy-to-read book here as an additional resource.

Do you provide SEO?
No. We do not offer search engine optimization for our clients at this time. We avoid recommending search engine optimizers because of their return instability and product inconsistency.

How well do your past client's websites perform?
All clients possess different work ethics, while utilizing diverse marketing strategies. Again, the amount of profit obtained from sales is a function of marketing your site and converting sales.

Are there any marketing strategies you would suggest?
We suggest viral marketing or social network marketing techniques coupled with SEO techniques, such as keyword placement and Meta tags. We can assist you with the layouts of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (Headers/Profile Images) to make the pages look graphically enhanced.

What is an affiliate site? Are you an affiliate site?
An affiliate site is a site that does not belong to you. You simply drive traffic to the affiliate site and reap a percentage of the profits. Affiliate sites are owned by another entity and are not your property to manage in any way.

We are NOT an affiliate program. We offer you a business of your very own. You are free to set prices, product availability, shipping preferences, and marketing strategies any way you choose. The website is 100% yours at the end of the project.

Are there any other expenses along with paying for its services?
Yes. Hosting (Around $20.00/mo), Domain Name Purchase (Around $11.00) any merchant start-up fees, and possibly the template charge. It is the Client's responsibility to secure hosting and merchant accounts at their expense. Also, we recommend you choose a template that fits your specific preferences. The graphics will be different, but at least you have the comfort of knowing what the basic framework for the site will be.

What if I need to update my products/database?
We recommend a database/image update every 3 months or so. Our catalog changes every day with added products, price and image changes, discontinued products, etc. Our Tech Team specializes in keeping up with the numerous and frequent product changes so you don't have to! We offer the service of updating your catalog, from our office, for a $100 charge. Alternatively, you could update your database using the database disk offered on Adult Wholesale Direct. Database content is free for one year! After that, database content is only $24.95 for an Active Member.

Are there dropship fees?
No. We do not have dropship fees anymore.

Are there any other services out there like yours?
Not that we have seen as far as value or amount of products you will be a host to. The closest services to what we have seen are above the $10,000.00 per site range. If you see pricing such as $50.00 or $100.00 or $500.00 for a similar site, it is simply a lie. There are holes in whatever service that would be. We have a design team led by Individuals who have over 20 years of design experience that will be working on your site. You will also have a team of IT professionals who are the best in the business.

Can I pay off my site payment as my site generates income?
No. We do not offer credit terms. Thank you for understanding. All Invoices must be satisfied first, before the Login and Password to the site Admin are distributed.

Can I consult with you over tips and tricks of how to get my site more customers/traffic?
We are not a consulting firm. As the site is being built, we will include tools that we have seen create exposure to give you a head start, but we are not a consulting/marketing firm.

What happens when my site receives an order?
When you show an order and payment placed on your site, you will then enter a Dropship order on (or any supplier of your choice). Your site will contain our database of skus, so ordering is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply enter your customer's product and shipping address, its quick!

Are there any monthly or additional fees to pay to Adult Designs Direct?
No! We do not charge monthly or yearly fees.

Who do you recommend for Hosting Services?
We recommend Hostwinds Hosting. Here is the link:

Who do you recommend for Merchant Services (for credit card processing)?
We recommend Merchant Services, LTD. Please use the Contact Us Form if you are interested in a Merchant for credit card processing. A representative from Merchant Services, LTD get in touch with you.

What is involved in site maintenance?
You will want to keep your database of products current. We recommend updating your database every 3 months or so.
In addition, you may also choose to update the look of the site (design upgrades), which can be billed on an hourly basis.

Will my site be operational throughout database or site updates?
Yes, your site will be fully operational throughout any database or site update. Database updates typically take 2-3 days to fully complete.

Who will supply, distribute, and Dropship products for me?
We recommend for Dropship fulfillment. Of course, you may choose any supplier or drop shipper. It is up to you!

Is my site connected to AWD? Will my customer's orders go directly to AWD?
No, AWD and your site will NOT be linked. This means if you have an order on your site, you must enter the order and payment into your AWD account, manually. Once your account reaches 10 or more orders per day, we can link your site for automated processing.
What other sites have you designed?
We have designed plenty of sites for Clients, both e-commerce and content sites. We accept Adult and non-Adult projects. Please visit our Portfolio page!

Do I need to be technically advanced to own a website?
No, you do not need advanced technical knowledge, but you do need to be willing to learn about the order process of your site, Zen Cart parameters, and marketing your site in an Internet environment.

How can I reach you?
You may call or email via the Contact Us Form. Our phone number is 845-632-3240. Emails can be sent to Inquires are always answered within 24 business hours (if not immediately).

Why do you shy away from using Godaddy Services and suggest others do the same? There are a number of reasons. In the past we have installed zen cart on godaddy servers and the massive database loads EXTREMELY slow on them. What the reason is, we will never know. It seems like the servers are entirely too shared out on the shared plans, and even on dedicated servers the database still loads slow. Also is the issue of COMPLETELY unnecessary sales pressure. We have issues navigating a site that is essentially one giant ad targeting people who they make feel that they NEED things, even things that they already have. You already get emails with your site, no reason to upsell emails and confuse the user into thinking they don't already have email accounts. They also do not have a common cpanel like other hosts have, theirs is specific to them and is insanely difficult to navigate. Godaddy has a huge campaign running, not because they offer the best service and plans, but by selling uninformed users a sale that they didn't really need, which generates more money to run that campaign.