Pricing & Terms & Conditions

Logo Design:
$199.99 – Comes with 4 concepts and 1 round of changes + 2ndary round of minor changes. Converted to vector at the end for whatever application you may need.

Business Card Design:
$65.00 – Comes with front and back business card concept.

4×6 “Nightclub Flyer” size ad:
$75.00 – 1 sided concept. 1 round of changes. OR $85.00 for 2 sided concept with 1 round of changes. Both sides must be for same event. For instance you cant have a dog show on one side and a comic book convention on the other.
All flyers are designed at 300 dpi for print & Reduced to web based/optimized size without charge as long as requirement falls in perspective.

8.5″ x 11″ to 11″ x 17″ MAX posters:
$95.00 with 1 round of changes.

Images over 11″ x 17″ Posters:
(Inquire – Standard is $105.00/hr labor rate).

Web Design:
$500 and up depending on project. Billed on $105/hr labor rate.

Tech Issue/I.T./Security Resolutions
$125/hr labor rate depending on issue. Billed in 15 minute blocks.

Work Minimums
All work requests are subject to a $35.00 minimum labor rate

Customer Responsibilities:

  • We do NOT do business with GoDaddy on their servers. We will refuse the work. They are the mafia of the internet. Detailed reasoning available upon request.
  • All projects must be sent via email. No text spread across facebook messages spread across emails. Organization is key to an expedient and accurate result.
  • All projects that have a committee involved, such as approval through more than one person are placed on an hourly rate.
  • All website design is constructed on our dev server (very cheap server so we know that it loads quickly). If once the website is migrated your site is loading slow, we ask that you refer your current host to the dev sever address which we leave live for 2 weeks after migration to prove responsibility for site’s slowness if it is an issue.
  • A credit card must be on file and payment must be received within 3 business days.
  • 80% of the working materials must be sent to us before the start of a project. Text must be complete and coherent.
  • We do not resend emails simply because they are not at the top of your email pile just so you can avoid searching for previously sent emails.
  • All jobs scheduled for print must be proofed by the customer and approved. Errors penetrating the proofing process are left the responsibility of the proofreader.
  • Time spent with other designers or printers explaining matters related to their trade that they should understand in the business they are in will be included as billable hours. Sadly, there are far too many people out there who just started their own printing company/website construction company or got a copy of Photoshop last week that wind up having to be walked through projects.
  • Scope Creeping also falls under billable hours. All projects SOW will be clearly outlined at the start. Any additional features/pages/images added along with tech R&D need to be clearly defined at the beginning of a project.
  • All of your online properties are your responsibility. Logins and passwords to your online properties such as hosting, domain name registration & wordpress are to be in your hands in a safe, easily accessible place. Please do not lose as time tracking down passwords will be included as billable hours.